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Greg Dunn

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Mr. Dunn is the managing and founding partner of Dunn & Associates. He secured his Bachelor of Arts degree and his Law degree from University of Alberta, and has been practicing law since 1998.

Mr. Dunn started his legal career with Fraser Milner Casgrain (now Dentons), a national law firm, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. As the son of a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer, Mr. Dunn’s true passion resided in criminal law. After three years of intensive work in bankruptcy and insolvency litigation, Mr. Dunn joined one of Calgary’s preeminent criminal defence law firms, that of Bascom & Fagan with a view to focus exclusively on criminal defence work. From the inception of his practice, he was called upon to conduct trials and appellate advocacy in all of Alberta’s highest courts. In addition to maintaining carriage of his regular practice, within his first year at criminal bar, Mr. Dunn worked as co-counsel on more than four homicide trials, the largest cocaine importation case in Alberta’s history, and appeared at the Supreme Court of Canada on the very first undercover crime boss (aka “Mr. Big”) decision.

After numerous successful trials and appeals, Mr. Dunn earned the title of partner and the firm of Bascom Fagan & Dunn was formed. With the departure of Mr. Fagan and the Judicial appointment of Mr. Bascom, Mr. Dunn assumed the reigns of the long established criminal defence firm and today remains the firm’s senior and managing partner.

Mr. Dunn brings a vast array of criminal law experience to the counsel table. Above and beyond a comprehensive understanding of case law, he brings "street-smarts" and the seasoned ability of a sage counsel in marshalling a defence in support of his clients’ cases. Through his years of experience as a criminal barrister, Mr. Dunn has earned his reputation for his courtroom decorum, his relentless and innovative approach to defence work, and his proven ability to locate and expose weaknesses in prosecutions that have been otherwise viewed by many as “airtight” crown cases. Some of his successful cases include: R. v. Chan (Cocaine Trafficking and Proceeds of Crime); R. v. Sahota (Breach of Release Conditions); R. v. Pettman (Robbery), R. v. Stankewich (Impaired Driving) and R. v. McCraken (Driving over the Legal limit).

In 2009, Mr. Dunn made Avenue Magazine’s inaugural “Top 40 Under 40”, dedicated to “... honour the brightest and most talented individuals under the age of 40 who are excelling in their careers, giving back to the community and raising the city’s profile”.

Mr. Dunn is heavily involved in the criminal justice community. He has provided instruction and training to members of various policing agencies at the RCMP Search Warrant Course in “K” Division in Edmonton, Alberta, and is an annual lecturer at the Calgary Police Service Major Crimes Investigations Course. He has also been a guest lecturer within the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary. He is regularly consulted by various members of the Criminal bar and by Calgary media on his views and knowledge of criminal law and the manner in which it impacts Canadians (Alberta Prime Time).

Mr. Dunn may be reached during regular business hours at 1-403-233-0443 or at [email protected]. Alternatively, You can view his website at

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