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Since 1972, Dunn & Associates and its predecessor criminal defence firms have been defending the freedom of Canadians. We have built our reputation on it for over 40 years in Calgary. Today, carrying on the legacy, our criminal defence lawyers continue to serve and defend those accused of committing criminal offences. Whether it was a momentary lapse of judgment or being falsely accused of something you didn’t do, your freedom hangs in the balance, and so does our reputation.

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About Us

Back In 1978, there were three young Calgary criminal defence lawyers who were fresh-faced and eager to take on the world and help those in need find relief from unfair charges and accusations. Rather than just talk about how they wanted to help, these criminal lawyers did something about it. Joining hands and linking their present and future, they formed one of Calgary’s enduring criminal defence firms. For more than 30 years now, the law firm that was originally known as Evans Bascom has handled some of the highest profile cases in the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta, and they are still going strong.


Law firms come and go, but the dedication that came with creating Evans Bascom helped it remain a viable legal defence option throughout ups and downs. Although the name has changed over time, the philosophy of strong and apt criminal defence that is also affordable has not. Today, the lawyers at Dunn & Associates are very proud to carry on the legacy that was started back in 1978. They understand the value of protecting their clients and serving the public, and they continue to dedicate themselves to providing quality and affordable criminal defence legal service to Albertans.


In today’s ever evolving legal landscape, criminal lawyers must be able to adapt with the times. Defence counsel law firms are available throughout the city and the province, and people who have been accused of a crime have options. It is up to the attorneys and their teams to show prospective clients why a particular firm should be chosen above others, and what that firm can offer that goes above and beyond what other firms provide. Clients have a choice, and making the right one when it comes to their defence firm could be crucial to the outcome of their case.

At Dunn & Associates, we embrace progressive advocacy in order to achieve the best results for our clients. However, when push comes to shove we never shy away from traditional hard-nosed lawyering. As a full-service criminal defence law firm, we provide competent legal counsel at a fair price for a myriad of charges. We understand the legal climate, and know what works well and know what doesn’t when it comes to proper defence against many different types of charges. Our clients can feel secure, knowing that we will do all that we can to provide them with a positive outcome and that our success rate is high because we care.

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Greg Dunn

Criminal Law

Matthew Deshaye

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Tyson Dahlem

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05 Apr
Canada's criminal code divides offences into three categories: indictable offences, summary conviction offences and hybrid...
13 Mar
Discussing the latest in crime topics are Kevin Martin, Postmedia Network; and Greg Dunn, defence lawyer.
13 Mar
Discussing the latest in crime topics are Greg Dunn, defence lawyer; and Kevin Martin, Postmedia Network.


Greg goes to bat for all his clients

Greg believes in his job as a defence lawyer – he loves the law, respects the law and defends the law daily. Greg is articulate and passionate in his defence of civil liberties and the average person’s rights, which he defends regularly.

Danusia S. Bourdon
Bourdon Criminal Defence

Matt Deshaye is beyond smart, and a very hard working lawyer

He is a professional: Focused, disciplined and committed to stepping up for his client.
In just over a month he managed to prepare additional case arguments, resulting in the judge acquitting all of my charges.


A fantastic, knowledgeable lawyer with experience that shows

Mr. Dunn understood my specific problem right away and was able to answer all my questions and clearly explain all my options and how they would unfold.