Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers

Your liberty, livelihood & reputation come first

Facing a criminal charge is stressful and disrupts your life. In the age of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, you may feel you’re defending yourself both in a court of law as well as the “court of public opinion.” Call the top criminal defence law firm in Calgary for the negotiation and litigation expertise you need.

We take on challenges - and win

We tailor our approach to get the best result for your specific situation. We search for cracks in the Crown’s case against you.  Our court room experience and skill will deliver the results you need.  Relentless cross-examination can expose a weakness in a key witness testimony. We will search for innovative arguments and compelling case law to help reduce or eliminate your charges. Proven results in all areas of criminal law. Successfully defended cases dealing with; weapons offences, sexual assault, domestic assault, drug charges, fraud charges and other criminal offences.

“[My lawyer] was relentless in getting the evidence he needed to support this. In his closing argument, [he] quoted from many previous cases where the precedent…was set... It was a testament to how prepared he was for this case and to his attention to detail. The judge ruled in our favour and all the charges were dismissed.”
JM, June 2016

We’re in command of the details and help you know what to expect

Our clients appreciate our no-nonsense approach. You need to know and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You also need to know what will happen and when. Communication and professionalism will make you feel more at ease as your case makes its way through the justice system.

Defending yourself against a criminal charge has financial implications. We recognize that’s not easy. Our law firm offers a range of fees and flexible payment options. Our goal is to provide legal aid and services to clients, regardless of financial situation. We always provide a free consultation - no questions asked. Contact the top Calgary Criminal Lawyers today.

What we do
outside of court
can be as
important as what
we do in court

Our strong relationships within the justice system can help you. We can negotiate strategically on your behalf.

Media coverage can follow you long after your charges have been settled. That’s why we challenge all public misinformation about you.