July 2017
If you have been accused of a crime, a criminal record is a possibility. While criminal records are not publicly viewable, they can have negative effects on your future. You may be barred from traveling to certain countries, depending on the outcome of your criminal case. Your criminal record will also be accessible by police, prosecutors, customs offices and other officials in the future. In... more
July 2017
criminal law
If you are charged with a criminal offence under Canada's Criminal Code or Calgary's local and provincial laws, quality legal representation is incredibly important. What happens during your case can affect your life for years to come. Incarceration, heavy fines and a criminal record are all possible outcomes. Interview several criminal law firms. We believe it is necessary to get the best... more
July 2017
What to Do When Charged with Theft Under $5000 in Calgary, Alberta   Charges of this sort of theft are common; roughly 50,00 people in Canada are charged with theft under $5000 each year. Thefts at this level can include shoplifting, other types of retail theft, theft from an employer or other situations. However, a charge of theft, even if it is for cash or goods under $5000, must be taken... more
June 2017
When transporting and storing firearms and ammunition, it's always important to stay on the right side of Calgary, Alberta's gun and ammunition storage laws. Our handy guide can help you keep your weapon storage safe and legal. Adhering to the law can help prevent accidents and deter theft. Transporting Firearms Non-restricted firearms must be unloaded at all times during transportation. If you... more
May 2017
Crimes that involve the deliberate taking of another human life are some of the most serious criminal charges under Canada's Criminal Code. While Canada does not have a death penalty, long prison terms, including consecutive terms, can result from murder convictions in Canada. However, not all murder charges are the same. These charges should be well understood to understand where on the spectrum... more