If you have entered a not guilty plea, you will be proceeding to trial. The process of getting to trial can take several months and in some more complicated cases, years.

On a relatively simple charge at the Provincial Court level, a trial date can likely be scheduled within six weeks to four months. However, where the charges are more serious or where the trial is to proceed at the Court of Queen’s Bench, this time frame will be significantly extended. Often this is because of the requirement of a preliminary hearing prior to trial.

When the matter proceeds to trial the process will involve the Crown Prosecutor calling witnesses to the stand to give evidence against you. Those witnesses will be cross-examined by your lawyer. You will then have the option of presenting a case in your defence. Most often, the defences will be raised based on the evidence called by the Crown. 

With any criminal charge you are innocent until proven guilty. It is the responsibility of the Crown Prosecutor to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt