Gang Link Called Difficult to Prove

Article originally appeared in: Toronto Sun

The Crown will have a tough time proving the guilt of a suspected drug dealer with alleged gang ties, his lawyer said yesterday. And defence counsel Greg Dunn disputed police suggestions his client, has any association with Calgary gang activity.

Dunn said provincial court Judge Marlene Graham should release [The accused], 26, on bail pending trail, arguing the Crown’s case isn’t open and shut. He said [The accused], who works in construction with his father, is hardly the image of a drug dealer.

“An individual who’s trafficking in cocaine is not generally driving around in a 1999 Jimmy provided by his parent,” Dunn said. “It’s not a kid who’s living the high life by drug trafficking,” he said.

Crown prosecutor Joe Mercier said Graham should detain [The Accused] pending trial after a police raid on his northwest Calgary home netted more than 1.8 kg of cocaine and some ecstasy.

Mercier said cops also found two handgun and ammunition in a safe in the garage of the residence.

Dunn said since three people were living there, it will be hard for the prosecution to pin the drugs and guns on his client.

“That causes problems with the Crown’s case in terms of possession,” he said.

Mercier said a large “brick” of cocaine was found in [The Accused]’s bedroom. Three others were also charged in raids Jan. 29 on Li’s home and a southeast residence.

Lisa Nguyen is already free on $5,000 bail, while Stefan Lee has been released on $1,000. A bail hearing has not yet been held for the fourth accused, Eric Thomas Tse. All four face drug and weapons charges. Graham will decide on Li’s liberty Thursday.