Bail Hearing

Applying for bail before an Alberta judge is a delicate process. Your lawyers will work on your behalf to ensure that you are treated fairly and that what happens at the bail hearing benefits you in the long term.

In most criminal cases, individuals are released from police custody on either a promise to appear in court or a recognizance. Police provide a document with the court date and conditions that you are required to comply with. The court date listed on your release documentation is known as your first appearance.

However, in some circumstances, the police and the Crown Prosecutor's office are not willing to release an individual. In these cases, a bail hearing must be conducted to determine whether you will be released from jail and what the conditions of your release would be.

In some cases, the bail process takes time. It is important to put your trust in your lawyers and let them do what is needed to ensure the best outcome for you. This can sometimes involve waiting in custody for a few days or weeks. However, this time spent in the short term can be helpful in the long term.

We Work With You Through the Delicate Bail Process

The entire course of the criminal process is influenced by whether bail is granted at the hearing. In many cases, someone who is in custody will push for the earliest possible trial date. This is understandable; no one likes the prospect of spending time in custody. However, an earlier trial date may mean that your lawyers do not have the time needed to make thorough preparations. With the time to prepare for the bail hearing, your lawyers can give you the best representation and get you better results.

The entire course of the criminal process can be influenced by whether the accused is granted bail or not. People who are released from custody are often in a better position to meet with their lawyers and prepare and present their defence. They are also in the best position to have the case presented in a way that will get them the most favourable outcome possible.

Generally speaking, there is only one chance at bail. Errors at the bail hearing stage can have repercussions throughout the case.

At Dunn & Associates, we apply years of experience in criminal court to your case. You can trust our Calgary attorneys throughout the criminal process. Contact us today to defend you in court.