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Trial for couple accused of drug smuggling begins

A jury trial has begun for a husband and wife who are accused of trying to smuggle drugs into Alberta more than three years ago. The trial was initially scheduled to run a year ago, but it was cancelled because of the pandemic.

Drinking in Calgary Parks, Legal Concerns

Calgary city councillor Gian-Carlo Carra is expected to bring a motion to a May council meeting that could allow Calgarians to book picnic tables if they're planning on sharing a drink with friends in city parks.

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Don’t talk yourself into a criminal conviction

Whether you are innocent or guilty, answering police questions without first talking to a lawyer is a mistake many people make. Up to eight in 10 people I counsel have volunteered to talk without first getting legal advice. For some, the lapse in judgment has been a painful lesson.

Rehabilitation should always trump vengeance in our judicial system

We are bound by the law. Our system of justice has evolved over the years with the lofty ideal of maintaining order and serving the public good. As society changes, we must adapt to new realities, but we should never sway from the notion that a law lacking in fairness is not justice.

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