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Timeliness of sexual assault trials another victim of COVID-19

The right to a timely trial is enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but that legislative promise is endangered by the coronavirus lockdown. Those involved in sexual assault cases are especially impacted, considering the painful social stigma that accompanies the crime.

What you should do if you have been charged with sexual assault

When you are charged with sexual assault it may seem as if the entire world is against you. Because some assume that the accused is guilty until proven innocent, the stigma associated with a sexual assault allegation can destroy families, ruin livelihoods and leave reputations in tatters. 

Social unrest and the call to defund the police

As a criminal defence lawyer, I believe it is important for police to be held accountable for their actions. To some extent, the courts are able to do that but certainly, there can be a more fulsome and effective manner to deal with police outside of the court.

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