Understand your legal responsibilities before hunting in Alberta

Hunting is an integral part of Alberta’s heritage and way of life.

However, the laws governing this activity can be confusing, especially to those new to the sport. The uninitiated may take down a prohibited animal or be found hunting in a non-designated area. Both actions could result in charges.

Harsh penalties are given for child luring

Child luring occurs when an adult communicates with someone who they believe to be under the age of 18 to engage in sexual activity or to commit an abduction. This communication is done through email, messaging apps or web-based chat program.

Severe sentences imposed for child pornography convictions

People convicted of child pornography offences face significant custodial sentences. Sexual offences involving children are taken seriously by our judicial system and those under investigation need to seek legal counsel immediately.

Theft in Alberta can take many forms

Theft is one of the most commonly charged offences prosecuted in Alberta. According to Statistics Canada, there were 3,526 charges for theft over $5,000 laid in Alberta in 2022, along with 83,324 charges for theft under $5,000 in that same period.

Incidents of fraud are on the rise across Alberta

Fraud is one of the most common charges laid by police, especially in Alberta. According to Statistics Canada, it has seen the greatest increase nationwide since 2011, rising from 87,174 offences in 2011 to 168,483 in 2021.

Understanding the difference between murder and manslaughter

Police will be looking to lay charges whenever someone is unlawfully killed. But will the suspect be charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder or manslaughter? It all depends on the circumstances and the intent behind the act.

What to do if you are caught in a checkstop

Police forces across Alberta kicked off their holiday checkstop season in early December. As this Calgary news report noted, “A steady stream of vehicles loaded into the dedicated stalls where drivers were asked to submit to a mandatory roadside breathalyzer. 

You have rights when being investigated by police

A police tactical squad recently used a battering ram to break down the door of an Edmonton home before officers entered with guns drawn as they investigated a supposed kidnapping incident in the home.

SafeRoads Alberta doubles down on its unfairness

When an Alberta court finds a piece of legislation unfair to the public, it is commonly assumed the government will respond by bringing that law in line with the judiciary’s wishes.

Access to a timely trial is a Charter right

Alberta’s courtrooms are plagued with multiple issues that slow the administration of justice, resulting in unacceptably long waits before a case is heard. This problem is so dire that it has caught the attention of Canada’s top judge.

Alberta Firearms Act is what the province needs

Bill 8, the Alberta Firearms Act, took effect when it received royal assent on March 28, 2023. After years of attacks by Ottawa on law-abiding gun owners, the Act gives Alberta the tools it needs to regulate and administer firearms.

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