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We tailor our approach to get the best result for your specific situation. We search for cracks in the Crown’s case against you.  Our court room experience and skill will deliver the results you need. Relentless cross-examination can expose a weakness in a key witness testimony. We will search for innovative arguments and compelling case law to help reduce or eliminate your charges. Proven results in all areas of criminal law. Successfully defended cases dealing with; weapons offences, sexual assault, domestic assault, drug charges, fraud charges and other criminal offences. You can read more about the nuances of the law on our blog.

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Practice Areas

Our team of criminal lawyers will work with you to understand your case and start building your defence strategy to ensure your best possible outcome. We are dedicated to your protection.

  • DUI, Impaired Driving

    Alcohol-related driving offences are one the most heavily litigated areas of criminal law — but also one of the most defensible

  • Drug Offences

    Convictions for illegal drug offences often come with mandatory minimum jail sentences.

  • Fraud and Theft

    At its most basic level, theft is simply taking something that doesn’t belong to you (stealing).

  • Assault and Threats

    Assaults are at the heart of the criminal justice system and represent the most basic of crimes: the infliction of force by one person on another.

  • Sexual Assault

    The sexual assault laws in Canada are far-reaching, severe and can have permanent damaging effects on you and your family.

  • Manslaughter & Murder

    Murder and manslaughter charges are some of the most serious criminal charges available under the Criminal Code and carry some of the most serious penalties available in law if you are convicted.

  • Domestic Violence

    More often than not, if police are called to your residence in relation to a domestic violence dispute, charges will be laid.

  • Child Pornography & Internet Luring

    The stigma associated with child pornography and child luring charges can be far-reaching and long-lasting. Laws in this area are very strict and some convictions receive mandatory prison sentences.

  • Wildlife Act

    Although wildlife offences are generally regarded as “non-criminal” the penalties can be severe. Fines are enormous, often amounting to thousands of dollars.

  • White Collar Crime

    Investigations into white collar crime in Canada are becoming increasingly more prominent. Corporate entities and their actors are subject to serious criminal and regulatory prosecutions.

  • Gun Offences

    The rights of gun owners in Canada are constantly challenged in and out of the courtroom. Navigating gun control in this country means understanding the context and laws surrounding a guns charge, whether it be licensing, storage, or possession.

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Top notch services! Also had a great payment plan
For those who are in trouble and seeking legal help, I recommend Greg Dunn.
He was able to have the charges dropped before even stepping foot in the court room
Thanks Greg for believing in me and going the extra step.
[Matt] is a professional: Focused, disciplined and committed to stepping up for his client.
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We’re in command of the details and help you know what to expect

Our clients appreciate our no-nonsense approach. You need to know and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You also need to know what will happen and when. Communication and professionalism will make you feel more at ease as your case makes its way through the justice system.

Defending yourself against a criminal charge has financial implications. We recognize that’s not easy. Our law firm offers a range of fees and flexible payment options. Our goal is to provide legal aid and services to clients, regardless of financial situation. We always provide a free consultation - no questions asked. Contact the top Calgary Criminal Lawyers today.

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Our strong relationships within the justice system can help you. We can negotiate strategically on your behalf.

Media coverage can follow you long after your charges have been settled. That’s why we challenge all public misinformation about you.