He was able to have the charges dropped before even stepping foot in the court room

I can’t express with words the debt of gratitude I owe Greg Dunn for having taken on my case and helping me through an incredibly stressful and seemingly insurmountable situation regarding a DUI charge. I can emphatically say to anyone considering legal representation that this was truly the best investment I have made given the potential consequences a conviction would have made in my life. He was incredibly professional, direct and presented all of the potential courses of action we could take with their consequences. Based on his extensive experience within the legal system, his relationships within the community and his ability to adapt to any situation, he was able to have the charges dropped before even stepping foot in the court room. Many thanks Greg.


Thanks Greg for believing in me and going the extra step.

I wanted to take this chance to provide Mr. Dunn with my thanks for excepting my case and for the time he took in defence of my two Wildlife Act Offences. As an officer I never imagined being charged with two offences under the Wildlife Act. Clearly there were hidden agendas and I was put on the ropes by another enforcement agency. They were out to make a statement and I was alone and told to seek legal counsel. I researched and talked to family members that have lived in Alberta their whole lives and was told that Dunn & Associates were the best and most experienced in Wildlife Act offences and would fight the hardest for me. On my family's advice I contacted and retained Greg Dunn's services with Dunn & Associates regarding my case.

I was not an easy client and had a TON of questions and concerns to the point of distraction, but Greg stayed focused and kept my emotional state in mind and stayed positive and thankfully was able to sort out only the facts that he could defend in Criminal Court.

After 2 years my case was finally heard in a Criminal Court where, Mr. Dunn and I faced a Provincial Criminal Prosecutor, 5 officers, two of which were supervisors, and three field officers that were all lined up against me. Thinking about it, that was a lot of officers taken out of service and had to travel with costs from all over the Province for an honest mistake! No one else in the court room was on my side as they were the only ones there in the court room which, was a very scary and lonely feeling. Mr. Dunn. was the only one on my side and that proved to be all I needed in the end. I truly thought I was being made an example of for a completely honest mistake, I was extremely scared for my career as you can imagine.

Mr. Dunn was unbelievable, and questioned the officers to the point where the truth finally came out and they finally admitted their mistakes; I was hence acquitted of both charges, unconditionally. I WOULD not want to be on the stand with Mr. Dunn questioning me.

Thanks Greg for believing in me and going the extra step!!!

P.S. You will not hear from me again I can assure you!


[Greg] doesn’t give up, he doesn’t back down and he pursues justice with zeal and purpose.

I have known Greg Dunn for 10 years and can speak to his integrity and character as a defence lawyer. I first got to know Greg when he was a defence lawyer and I was a Crown Prosecutor. As a Crown I was always impressed by his confidence in the courtroom and his down-to-earth approach to defending his clients. But it was when I became a defence lawyer myself that I truly got to know the lawyer Greg is.

Greg believes in his job as a defence lawyer – he loves the law, respects the law and defends the law daily. Greg is articulate and passionate in his defence of civil liberties and the average person’s rights, which he defends regularly. There is no case that is too small for Greg because he knows that when a person is defending themselves against the State, there is no such thing as a “trivial right”. Greg goes to bat for all his clients; he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t back down and he pursues justice with zeal and purpose. I am proud to call Greg Dunn a colleague and I know that our justice system respects the incredible defence lawyer he is.

Danusia S. Bourdon | Bourdon Criminal Defence

Mr. Dunn saved a young kid who made a poor decision from having a criminal record for the rest of his life

After a younger member of my family made a poor decision and was subsequently charged under two sections of the Criminal Code of Canada, I decided to hire a lawyer to determine what our options would be. I did my research and was told that Greg Dunn was one of the best criminal defence lawyers in Calgary so I decided to make an appointment with him. Even though the initial trial date had been set for a very unusually quick date Mr. Dunn was able to make room in his schedule to see us right away.

We met with Mr. Dunn regarding the case and he was very open and honest with us as to what our options were as well as what the chances were of a not guilty verdict. He took the time to explain each and every detail and provide us with all the information we needed to decide how we would proceed.

Although Mr. Dunn told us that we had a very low chance of a not guilty verdict we decided to take our chances and go to trial. On the day of the court hearing Mr. Dunn once again told us that he felt we had a 5% chance of a not guilty verdict. To my amazement Mr. Dunn took a 5% chance of a not guilty verdict and ended up leaving the District Attorney (Crown Prosecutor) with no choice but to drop all of the charges. I really do feel that Mr. Dunn saved a young kid who made a poor decision from having a criminal record for the rest of his life.

Mr. Dunn did an amazing job from start to finish. Although I hope never to require the services of a criminal attorney, if ever I did Mr. Dunn would be my first and only choice.I was extremely pleased with Mr. Dunn and just cannot say enough good things about him and his staff. I would highly recommend him to anybody without any hesitation.

Thanks Greg, you did an amazing job all the way through the entire process.


[Matt] is a professional: Focused, disciplined and committed to stepping up for his client.

I received a DUI charge last year, and I knew I had to hire a defence lawyer: I had a case. After several months of working with another lawyer, Matt Deshaye took on my case almost last minute.

Matt took time in court, and outside of court to make everything work for me.

He is a professional: Focused, disciplined and committed to stepping up for his client.

In just over a month he managed to prepare additional case arguments, resulting in the judge acquitting all of my charges. He is beyond smart, and a very hard working lawyer.

After enduring one of the most difficult years of my life, Matt pulled through, making it possible for me to get back to my life before the charge. Considering the potential costs involved with a DUI conviction; eg. governmental fines, substantial insurance increase, loss of work, installation costs involved with an interlock system (after one/two years suspension) and even possible jail time. I would highly recommend hiring Matt Deshaye to defend your case.


Mr. Dunn, you gave me my life back.

In August of 2015 I was pulled over by police in Grande Prairie AB on my way home from my mothers house. I was asked by police to remove my tinted license plate cover on the street.

I said "yes, sure thing officer". As I proceeded to remove the screws and remove the plate the officer thought I was drunk and I was arrested and charged for Impaired driving.

I contacted Mr. Greg Dunn office as soon as possible.

Mr. Dunn took my case, even though I was not very financially sound at the time, and eventually he beat all of the charges.
Mr. Dunn was very professional in this trying time. I would personally recommend his counsel to anyone and everyone facing the same issue.

Thank you.

Mr. Dunn, you gave me my life back.


A fantastic, knowledgeable lawyer with experience that shows.

I came to Mr. Greg Dunn after having hired 2 lawyers before him who were unable to address my concerns. Mr. Dunn understood my specific problem right away and was able to answer all my questions and clearly explain all my options and how they would unfold. I hired him on the spot and don't regret it for one moment. The following week the whole issue had been dropped and I was cleared.

A fantastic, knowledgeable lawyer with experience that shows.

Thank you for the follow up advice.


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