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The Domestic Violence Process and Immediate Consequences: Part 3

COVID 19 and Release Conditions 
Unfortunately, the entire world is in a state of emergency. Prior to Covid – 19, your first court appearance was generally only a week or two from when you were initially charged. This is no longer the case. 

The Domestic Violence Process and Immediate Consequences: Part 1

Domestic violence charges are on the rise in Alberta and North America. This is in part due to the #METOO movement and the fear of police scrutiny from the general public if they do not charge anyone and everyone with an assault after a complaint is made.

Calgary caregiver who left client sitting in his own feces has charges dropped

“The facts of [The accused]s case didn’t meet the required standard of proof for the purpose of proving a charge of failing to provide the necessities,” defence counsel Greg Dunn explained. Dunn agreed with the man’s mom that his client’s case fell through cracks in the system which would have led to provincial charges if the victim was a child.

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