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Spanking Your Kids, How Far Is Too Far?

Is it legal to spank your child in Canada? The law in Canada recognizes some situations exist where a parent or legal guardian may use reasonable force on a child. 


Animal cruelty cases handled by two forces in Alberta

Enforcement officers have more latitude in Alberta when it comes to dealing with animal cruelty cases. “Essentially the Criminal Code protects animals that are either in distress or have been abandoned or wilfully injured by an individual."

What is a Summary Conviction Offence?

When you are charged with a crime under the Criminal Code in Canada, there are three categories of possible offence you can be charged with: 

Released without charge after alleged hate crime

Alberta Prime Time - Discussing the latest in crime topics are Greg Dunn a Calgary Criminal Defence lawyer, Erin Gibbs Van Brunschot with the University of Calgary, and Mark Cherrington a Youth Justice Advocate.

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