What Are My Defences Against a Child Pornography Charge?

Any visual or recorded material depicting someone under the age of 18 engaged in sexual activity or displaying their genitals is considered child pornography. The penalties vary depending on the charge and the circumstances, but upon conviction you will likely be facing jail time, not to mention the negative social stigma associated with the crime.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, COVID or Not

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt court operations across Alberta, those accused of criminal charges are the most affected. I have clients who have seen their cases presumptively adjourned three or four times. That is simply not fair.

Jail Time Can Follow Theft and Fraud Offences

Thefts and frauds are two of the most common offences in Canada. Some people might not realize that the penalties for each crime increase substantially if the amount stolen or defrauded is more than $5,000.

What is White-Collar Crime in Alberta?

If you've been accused of what is known as a white-collar crime, it is important that you have experienced litigators at your side so you can avoid liability and protect your business reputation. 

Rebuild ASIRT to serve Albertans better

Susan Hughson's resignation as the head of the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) has sent ripples across the province's justice system. 

Rules Around Illegal Drug Production in Alberta

If you are convicted of manufacturing “hard drugs” such as heroin, you could be handed a life sentence. In contrast, those running illegal but large-scale marijuana grow operations may face two or three years in jail.

What Are My Defences Against Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug offence, you are not alone. Information from Calgary police show that in 2020, 365 possession charges were laid, along with 162 charges for possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Don’t Use COVID As an Excuse to Limit Jury Pools

The health of jurors and other members of the court should always be a priority, but so should the desire to have an impartial jury pool from which to select those who will sit in judgment.

What are the Laws on Cannabis in Alberta? (Part 2)

Two years ago, Canadians were given the right to legally buy and grow their own marijuana plants, as long as they follow rules set down by federal, provincial and municipal governments under the Cannabis Act.

What are the Laws on Cannabis in Alberta? (Part 1)

Oct. 17, 2018, marijuana became a legal product in Canada. Still, there is a myriad of laws governing the sale, possession, production and distribution of cannabis products, with legislation varying from province to province. Here is what you need to know about cannabis in Alberta.

What is considered assault in Alberta?

Assault is one of the most common crimes in Alberta. According to information from Statistics Canada, there were 47,797 victims of violent crime and criminal traffic offences causing death or bodily harm reported by police in the province in 2016. 

Defences against assault in Alberta

Assault allegations are very serious which is why it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced defence attorney if you are being investigated for the offence.

Can Sex Assault Charges Be Dropped By the Complainant?

A common misconception surrounding sexual assault is that if the complainant asks for charges to be dropped, the accused will have nothing to worry about. Wrong. Once police lay charges for any offence, only a Crown attorney can decide whether to proceed.

What you need to know if you are charged with sexual assault

The Crown considers sexual assault one of the worst types of offences. Your chances of beating a sexual assault charge as a self-represented litigant are slim. That is because the evidence and procedural rules are complicated. It is not enough to say you didn’t do it – you need a legal expert who has a thorough understanding of the law to present your defence.

Consent When it Comes to Sexual Assault

If you are intimate with someone and you ignore their pleas to stop, you could be charged with sexual assault. However, when it comes to defending those accused of sexual assault, establishing if sexual consent was given is rarely that simple.

Understanding weapons offences in Canada

When people think of weapons, guns or knives often come to mind. But anything that can inflict harm can be considered a weapon, including a frying pan, a flower pot or a baseball bat.

The effect of the pandemic on crime in Alberta

Police-reported crime in Canada dipped by eight per cent in the first year of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Alberta topped the country, along with Prince Edward Island, with an 11 per cent decrease in the Crime Severity Index (CSI).

What ‘Sexual Assault’ Means

Many people do not have a clear understanding about the charge of sexual assault. The charge of sexual assault has a very broad application in Canadian law.

Don’t talk yourself into a criminal conviction

Whether you are innocent or guilty, answering police questions without first talking to a lawyer is a mistake many people make. Up to eight in 10 people I counsel have volunteered to talk without first getting legal advice. For some, the lapse in judgment has been a painful lesson.

Rehabilitation should always trump vengeance in our judicial system

We are bound by the law. Our system of justice has evolved over the years with the lofty ideal of maintaining order and serving the public good. As society changes, we must adapt to new realities, but we should never sway from the notion that a law lacking in fairness is not justice.

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