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Loan shark charged in alleged murder plot

Two men charged in an alleged murder plot, which police say came to light during an organized crime investigation, made a brief first court appearance Friday. [The accused 1], 39, and [The accused 2], 50, did not speak as their lawyers sought to adjourn the case while awaiting Crown disclosure.

Casady Agrees to Waive Death Penalty: Prosecutor says it is only way to get [The accused] back from Canada

Gregory Dunn, [The accused]’s Calgary-based lawyer, reportedly said he expected the death penalty to be waived despite the pleas of Hassell’s family. “I appreciate that the authorities are indicating they are going to consult with the families, because that’s the right thing to do. But at the end of the day, I just don’t see the United Sates not playing ball on this,” said Dunn.

Husband's killing may have been accidental, says lawyer

The shooting death of a Central Alberta man - allegedly at the hands of his wife - may have been an accident, her lawyer said Friday. Defence counsel Jim Butlin said a review of a 911 recording by himself and co-counsel Greg Dunn suggest the shooting may not have been intended.

Avenue magazine’s Top 40 Under 40

Those who are informed, he continues, know defence lawyers are as important as prosecutors, judges and every other part of the justice system in ensuring both victims and the accused are treated fairly. Dunn, the son of a Mountie and a self-described “small-c conservative,” sees his own role as, in part, a fight against potential tyranny.

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